bedding conditioner: the organic alternative to disinfectant in the stable


EquiFresh is a pure organic mineral which reduces damaging  ammonia in the stable environment. It is not a masking agent nor disinfectant. It comes as granules which are easy to sprinkle on soiled areas of the stable floor after mucking out and before putting down the clean bedding. EquiFresh works with any kind of bedding material and is excellent with rubber mats. Once applied to the floor, EquiFresh will cut down the ammonia released from the horse’s urine which stays in the atmosphere, making it smelly for you and compromising your horse’s health. Ammonia has been proved to affect horses’ respiratory and immune systems and impair their performance.

Levels of ammonia are linked to protein in the diet so horses fed high protein diets produce more.  Horses fed on haylage will excrete double the amount of ammonia than those fed on hay.

EquiFresh Natural is completely odourless but we use essential oils to scent our Citronella and Lavender products so you can choose the additional benefits of their fly repellent or relaxant properties – not to mention a pleasant smell!


EquiFresh bedding conditioner: the organic alternative to disinfectant in the stable

  • Say goodbye to smelly hair for you and unhealthy environment for your horse

  • EquiFresh cuts down the release of harmful ammonia from urine

  • Not a masking agent nor disinfectant

  • Easy and economical to use

  • Works with all types of bedding and rubber mats

  • Excellent in your horse transport to reduce smell

  • No unpleasant chemicals

  • Choose EquiFresh Natural, Citronella or Lavender

  • Comes in handy 7.5kg tubs or 25kg bags.

  • Recommended price from £17.95 a tub.