Your stable can be a healthier and fresher place for both you and  your horse if you use EquiFresh regularly

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How EquiFresh works
EquiFresh is a safe natural mineral which binds up ammonium ions in horses' urine and prevents them being released into the environment as ammonia.

Why is ammonia harmful?
As well as the unpleasant smell ammonia gives off in stables, even low levels can have a detrimental effect on your horse despite regular cleaning.

Research both here and in America has proved  that ammonia in  horses’ environment can compromise their immune systems and damage their respiratory tracts.

Ammonia is a poisonous waste product of urine reacting with bacteria on floors and is responsible for the strong smell present when horses have been standing in stables and horseboxes. Horses kept in confined spaces for long periods can be affected by the harmful effects of ammonia which inflames the upper respiratory tract and eye membranes and breaks down the hoof wall. Exposure to even low levels of ammonia can cause decreased immunity if it is longterm. As well as obvious health risks, a horse’s performance will suffer from impaired respiratory function and that can lead to days off work.
You may have already taken extensive steps towards making your horse’s environment dust and spore free by changing bedding, soaking hay, feeding haylage/garlic etc, but high levels of ammonia in the environment are just as detrimental to respiratory health. Ammonia quickly builds up in a confined space, even after cleaning. Levels of ammonia are linked to the amount of excess protein in the horse’s diet and those fed on haylage produce double the amount of ammonia than those fed on hay – and that’s without the contribution of any hard food you may be giving.

Less ammonia means cleaner air.

Cleaner air means a healthier respiratory system, fewer infections.

A healthier respiratory system means improved performance.

Research has proved that ammonia from urine can adversely affect a horse’s respiratory tract, immune system and hoof wall.

Say goodbye to smelly hair, watery eyes and an unhealthy
environment for your horse.